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Time to get organized


Welcome to MyEmbroids! MyEmbroids is all about helping you organize your machine design collection without having to spend hours.

Let’s be honest - finding a design in a large collection can be very frustrating. There are just too many freebies and good sales around to be not collecting designs, but getting them organized is not so simple. Even if the designs come with meaningful file names (and we all know that is not always the case), where should they be stored?

Imagine you have the following design:

meow... MEOW!!!! MEOW!!!!!

If you are organizing your designs by placing them in folders on your computer, where would you put this cat? Maybe in a cats folder, maybe in animals or maybe in a folder with the name of the store? In any case you will have to maintain your folder structure and be very disciplined to stick with it.

With MyEmbroids we hope to eliminate this manual sorting once and for all! Instead of creating large folder structures, we analyze the designs you upload and automatically sort them for you. When it’s time to search a design it doesn’t matter if you type “cat” or “animal”, MyEmbroids will find your design in either case.

Its magic! Almost ...

Sounds like magic? Well, not quite. MyEmbroids is made possible by recent advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, which is just a fancy way of saying that computers have become a lot better at understanding the content of images. Think of self driving cars for example, which weren’t possible a couple of years ago. MyEmbroids is building on the same technology to help you find your designs. Cool, right?