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Freebies library


Building an embroidery organizer is though work! :wrench::muscle::nut_and_bolt::smile: because we don’t want to keep you waiting for too long, we built a little something on the side which might be fun for all the freebie hunters out there: a freebies library!

The website shows an overview of freebies available from different shops, sorted by the date they were released! Whenever a new freebies is available we add it to the top of the website, which means you don’t have to go round hunting for freebies on different sites anymore, its all in one place now! :rocket::heart:

So far we have received permission from over 20 shops to list their freebies and many more are coming soon.


As with everything, we love to hear your thoughts! If you have some freebies which are missing from the website send us the link and we’ll integrate them :blush::blue_heart: Email