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Freebie flower corner


Here is a quick small fun embroidery freebie which fits on almost anything and works with the coming spring: a flower corner :smile: :sunny: :sunflower:

The design comes with five colors, two for each flower type and one for the leaves. And and stitches pretty quickly too :wink:

Previously the files for the freebies were hosted right on this page. Now thanks to the freebies library we can put all freebies on one page!

What is this freebies library? The freebies library is a website which shows which freebies are currently available on the internet. We have built this site in cooperation with the designers and only link to designs where we have the permission too. This helps us with keeping a high quality and making sure the freebies are really up to date :wink: :tada:

Do you want to see your own designs available in the freebies library? Let us know! :blue_heart: